Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pathologic and Disingenuous Intimidation from Big Homeopathy

The science-free cult of homeopathy has struck again. Steve Novella at Science Based Medicine has the scoop. Apparently a blogger in Italy wrote about the homeopathic treatment Oscillococcinum which is used to treat flu and the homeopathic manufacturer threatened him with legal action, simply for stating the truth about Oscillococcinum, that it is a bogus treatment based on nonsensical ideas compounded together.

A good place to start is always QuackWatch. Which has a nice discussion of the “theory” behind homeopathy and how it is only a placebo. Another good site is What's the harm, a site that documents the real harms that can come from using placebos like homeopathy instead of real treatments.

The Main Stream Media has picked up on this, the BMJ has an article on how Boiron is threatening the blogger. There are some blogs about quack veterinarians being upset that real veterinarians only want science based treatments.

It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a big corporation uses hired lawyers as shills to try and keep people from speaking the truth, and when governmental laws and regulations allow them to do so. I am not the only one who thinks so, those of us in the reality based community are opposed to magical thinking fake treatments such as homeopathy.

Things are looking up for victims of homeopathy in the US, there are a couple of lawsuits for fraud via homeopathy that are proceeding.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daedalus,

Can I reach you by email to discuss some of your thoughts about mythochondria & ATP in muscles, off-line, wo blogger account ?



daedalus2u said...

You might want to check out what I have written on CFS (at another site).

You can reach me through my email which is on my company website.

Dirk Steele said...


I think you nearly started to understand the views of anti-psychiatry. This is a label that has been forced upon us and not one we have accepted.

Now as you understand. supposing a child has been subject to terrible abuse. Of course this will effect that child's mood, thoughts and behaviour. Dr. Novella will state that this is due to a mental illness. Like diabetes. To be 'cured' by psychiatric drugs. This is a dismissal of the person and their experience. We think the actual cure is somewhere else. That is all.

Joy Leftow said...

Hi we spoke before and you told me about an antidepressant that you find helpful that you use and suggested I could ask my dr. for it. Can you please tell me the name again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daedalus2u,

I found your blog after seeing your comments posted at various sites that I follow. I have really enjoyed reading through your posts these past few days.

I must admit that I started out curious but skeptical of your ideas on Nitric Oxides importance to health.

Now that I have reached this particular post of yours I see your blog has been dormant for some time.

Is Nitric Oxide physiology no longer the focus of your attention?

I recall a particular comment I saw of yours that read something like "there is no aspect of human health that it does not have major effects on". This a very big claim and I am curious to know if you still stand by it?

I ask these questions out of a personal interest in alzheimer's and nitric oxides involvement in musculoskeletal health.

Hope you can get back to me.

Kind Regards,

daedalus2u said...

Edward, Yes I am still working on NO physiology and it is even more important than I have previously indicated. I am making good progress in commercializing my discovery and will be rolling it out in the near term.

Joy, I don't remember that communication at all, but SSRIs are pretty safe and effective. Sertraline can be pretty good, if it works.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daedalus, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I tried replying once already but the comment didn't seem to make it through.

Anyway, I must say I am beginning to find this whole concept very intriguing.

I wanted to ask what exactly has made you now regard nitric oxide with even more importance?

And are you planning to release any new literature on the subject?


daedalus2u said...

The comment went into spam.

I started looking at hormesis, and the scales fell from my eyes.

The most fundamental dose response is hormesis. All compounds exhibit hormesis. If a compound doesn't exhibit hormesis, then you are not in the low-dose range.

To the extent that physiology is coupled together and "in sync", there must be a synchronizing signal. If physiology is "synchronized", there can be only one synchronizing signal. I am pretty sure that NO is that singular synchronizing signal.

Anonymous said...


I've read that switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing increases NO production (from PubMed). Would that be an effective pathway to increase NO levels (additionaly to AOB, Nitrates ingestion, etc)

Angela Navejas said...
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Anonymous said...

I have read that statins can increase NO.I have benefited from using simvastatin for my type of chronic fatigue syndrome which according to my research is cholestatic liver damage(my thinking being that if the accumulation of bile acids in liver cells causes liver cell damage reducing cholesterol which is what bile acids are synthesized out of would reduce bile acid in the cells)I have had relief for most of my symptoms for years.Maybe statins can be of benefit for other conditions although not all CFSsufferers tolerate statins or have CFS because of liver damage.If you would like to contact me I take part in some of the forums in PHOENIXRISING as cfs6691

daedalus2u said...

Statins do increase NO levels, and this is likely a major mechanism of their therapeutic effect. Statins inhibit the rate limiting enzyme in cholesterol synthesis, but that enzyme is so essential that physiology upregulates it in response to the inhibition by statins so that the actual activity of the inhibited enzyme is not diminished. The positive health effects of statins are not due to reductions in cholesterol synthesis by enzyme activity reduction.

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