Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meme of 8 things

I was tagged by Kristina, to list 8 facts about myself. Because I was asked, I can say whiny things. If you don't like the whiny things I say, take it up with whoever started this 8 things meme. I am supposed to link back to her, and to inflict this on 8 bloggers myself. I have decided that I won't inflict this on anyone. If reading this, you want to blog about 8 things, feel free to, but I don't feel comfortable asking anyone to do it.

I actually have been very busy, working on global warming, nitric oxide, and a blog about postpartum psychosis and infanticide. I think that infanticide is a evolved feature to protect the mother's life and reproductive capacity under times of metabolic stress. Low NO mimics those times of metabolic stress and lowers the threshold for infanticide.

1. I very rarely complain, my philosophy being that of doing something rather than complaining about it. I grew up in a big family, and if someone else did something, you never criticized it, unless you were willing to do better. As a consequence, I have an extreme tolerance for many things.

2. I am single, and I don't like being single. Perhaps this relates to #1. Perhaps not.

3. I donate blood regularly. They call me essentially as soon as I am eligible again (hint: that means I am in good health, straight, don't use self-injected drugs, don't frequent sex workers, and am free from STDs, hepatitis, and HIV).

4. I eat turkey every day at least once, sometimes twice. Mostly it is for the tryptophan which is a serotonin precursor. I have had depression in the past (pre-nitric oxide) and it helped then. I see no reason to change it even though my high NO level has essentially eliminated my long term depression and I am tapering off my meds.

5. While I eat breakfast I sit in front of a 500 Watt quartz-halogen lamp ($10 from Home Depot) to prevent SAD (seasonally affective disorder) (not that I ever had it). It does boost my mood a little, it is trivial to do, so I do it.

6. I recycle. Bottles, cans, jars and flyash. The company I started to commercialize my invention for recycling flyash has now recycled well over 4 million tons of flyash.

7. I haven't watched any TV since I saw part of Superbowl 2006.

8. In the winter I set my thermostat at 60. In the summer I turn off the pilot on my gas heater and it makes an observable difference in my gas consumption.