Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging milestone; 10,000 visits

I passed the 10,000 visit mark yesterday and have implemented some changes. I will now be accepting anonymous comments, so those of you who were worried that my black helicopters would track you down can now post anonymously.

I didn't want anonymous comments at first because I blog a lot about autism and there are some very nasty characters out there spreading disinformation on mercury, vaccines and such. I have enough material now in my archive that people can know where I am coming from and the level of discourse expected on this blog. I welcome people who disagree with me, but you have to back up your disagreement with facts and logic.

I welcome all comments that add to the discussion, or which ask questions. If I can answer them I will try to do so. All comments get emailed to me, even the ones on posts that are quite old. I am happy to answer question on old posts too. It may be old to me, but not old to anyone else.