Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delusional Nonsense

As a scientist concerned about the rampant disinformation being put out on the web, and as someone very concerned about scientific literacy and the education of children to be scientifically literate, I feel I must blog about the travesty of disinformation being put out by Ben Stein and the Discovery Institute.

I interrupt my regular blogging to post the obligatory links of Ben Stein's movie aka the crappy Creationist movie (oops I mean expelled the movie aka Intelligent Design or ID movie) Expelled to the Expelled Exposed web site. PZ Myers has many of the details.

Evolution is one of the scientific theories that there is the most evidence for. The largest amount of evidence is in the DNA of living organisms. Every bit of the DNA that has been analyzed so far is completely consistent with evolution and with common descent. Just as DNA testing is extremely reliable for determining relatedness of children to their parents, it is also reliable in determining relatedness of more distant relatives. Even very distant relatives to humans, such as E. coli.

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